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Center for Biocides Chemistries, Steptoe Develop New Video Providing Information on EPA Approval Process for Antimicrobial Products

Erich Shea

WASHINGTON (September 27, 2021) – The Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) has released a new video, Antimicrobial Pesticide Registration 101, that explains the complex process that antimicrobial manufacturers and formulators must navigate to receive approval from the U.S. government for commercial sale of their products.

The video, developed in collaboration with CBC’s outside counsel Washington, DC-based law firm Steptoe & Johnson LLP, explains to viewers the procedural steps for preparing and submitting an application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates the pesticide industry. Before any U.S. company may sell or distribute products used for disinfecting surfaces, as well as preserving products such as paints, wood, and fabrics, they must receive a “registration” from EPA following a rigorous application process.

In its presentation, CBC breaks down the entire process into a series of phases that show what an applicant encounters when applying for registration: information collection, pre-application meeting with EPA, pre-submission, application submission, post-submission, EPA decision, and state registration. The video details each of these milestones and provides insight into the process and requirements that each applicant could face. Throughout the video, there are links to numerous resources that will aid companies in understanding the registration process.

“Our association created this resource in order to bring clarity to a process that can appear overwhelming or impenetrable to companies unaccustomed to working with EPA,” said CBC Executive Director Komal K. Jain. “We felt it particularly important to provide information not only on what each applicant does each step of the way, but also on the actions that the agency itself can take in response so that these companies know what to expect.”

Along with providing guidance on how to apply for registration and what is required, the video offers estimates on the possible timelines that applicants can anticipate throughout the process, useful resources, as well as numerous tips and recommendations that can help companies better understand the application process.

“The CBC is comprised of many member companies that are very familiar with, and committed to, the regulatory process by which EPA ensures the safety and effectiveness of these products,” Jain said. “We are very pleased to collaborate on this project with Steptoe, which itself has a long and successful history advising companies on how best to work with government regulators. Bringing to bear our combined expertise makes our Antimicrobial Pesticide Registration 101 video a valuable resource for companies looking for guidance and insight into the EPA registration process.”

Seth Goldberg, co-chair of Steptoe’s chemicals practice commented: “We are happy to collaborate with CBC and member companies on this unique resource to help new personnel and applicants understand the process and understand how to prepare high quality applications that can be approved by EPA.”

The video also makes note that once a company receives registration from EPA, there are additional steps it must take before it can begin offering goods for commercial sale. Companies must apply for registrations in any state in which its products will be available for sale. As part of the informational toolbox provided in the video, a link is provided to ALSTAR, a state registration portal with contact information for pesticide regulators in all 50 states, several U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.

The video is available free of charge for viewing in the ‘Resource Library’ on CBC’s website, located at https://www.americanchemistry.com/industry-groups/center-for-biocide-chemistries-cbc/resource-library. Visitors will also have access to numerous information resources vital to the application process including the EPA Pesticide Registration Manual, the National Pesticide Information Retrieval System, EPA Cost Estimates for Studies Required for Pesticide Registration, and many others.

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