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Reducing Energy Use & GHG Emissions

Dan Roczniak

America’s chemical industry uses energy to make innovative products and services that can make people’s lives better, healthier and safer. Managing energy efficiency in our companies and manufacturing facilities is a key part of our commitment to sustainability.

Through Responsible Care, ACC member companies report their progress on the following energy-related performance measures:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is measured in terms of BTUs consumed per pound of production. Since 1974, the U.S. chemical industry as a whole has improved its energy efficiency by almost 46 percent.

The energy efficiency of Responsible Care companies has improved by 19 percent since 1992, based on a representative sample of ACC membership as of 2018.

Greenhouse Gas Intensity

America’s chemical industry recognizes the need to further reduce GHG emissions and energy use in our own operations. Through Responsible Care®, ACC members publicly report their GHG intensity, which is is calculated by determining the pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)-equivalent emissions per pound of production.

Since 1992, ACC members have reduced their GHG intensity by more than 24 percent, based on a representative sample of ACC membership as of 2018.

Total GHG Emissions (Million Metric Tons of C02 Equivalent)

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