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Resin Reports Available via Subscription

ACC subscribers receive all of the following resin reports with each paid subscription Monthly Production Sales by End Use ReportsProduction and sales figures are presented for current month and year to date These industry sales data can be used to track overall market growth rates and trends in domestic and ex

Energy Efficiency

America needs a comprehensive energy policy that promotes energy efficiency in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Endocrine Active Chemicals

ACC is engaged with the scientific community and regulatory agencies to enhance the scientific understanding of chemicals that may interact with the endocrine system and to promote sound decisions to effectively manage risks that may exist from exposure to them.


In the state of California, several issues, such as Proposition 65 and the Safer Consumer Products Program, are of great importance to the members of the American Chemistry Council ACC has outlined both a high level overview of the legislative and regulatory body in the state of California, along with pertinent info

Hydrogen Peroxide

ACC's Hydrogen Peroxide Panel is chartered to promote the principles of Responsible Care® with respect to the safe handling and use of hydrogen peroxide.