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The business of chemistry excels at continuously bringing new, imaginative and innovative ideas to market—applied technology in medical devices, aerospace, computing, cars, fuels and more.


The products of chemistry save energy by improving energy efficiency in our homes, offices and factories and by making cars and packaging more lightweight. Chemistry innovations also enable the sustainable technologies that are revolutionizing the way we generate and store energy—solar cells, wind turbines, rechargeable batteries and more.

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"Environmental Resources Management (ERM) seeks true partnerships with our clients. We look forward to growing with the chemical industry by delivering services to our clients that bring products to market safely, sustainably, and in compliance with global regulations..."


Future economic growth for the chemical sector depends on establishing trade policies that ensure a strengthened competitive position of the U.S. chemical industry.


Pharmaceuticals are central to human health and welfare, and 93% of pharmaceuticals sold in the U.S. rely on chlorine chemistry. These medicines and innovations have increased life expectancy by more than 30 years over the past century.