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Toluene and Xylene Panel

The mission of the Toluene and Xylene Panel is to address health, safety, and environmental issues that affect producers, distributors and users of toluene and xylene.

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We do what no single company can do on its own and provide you membership at three levels—regular (small and medium size enterprises), affiliate and associate.

Anne Womack Kolton

Executive Vice President, Communications, Sustainability & Market Outreach

Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG)

The Petroleum Additives - Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG) developed a Code of Practice for fuel and fuel detergent additive performance testing practices.  The objective of FATG is to pursue research and advocacy issues relative to fuel additives in order to enhance the performance of automotive and industrial fuels.


The Amines Panel was formed to address data collection needs for the Environmental Protection Agency’s High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program.

Quality of Life

ACC member companies are a vital part of the fabric of the cities and towns where they operate.

Sodium Chlorite & Chlorine Dioxide

The Sodium Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide Panel was formed in 1987. Over the years, the Panel has sponsored numerous toxicological and environmental studies to evaluate the continued safe use of sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide.

Quality Management Systems (QMS) Group

The mission of the ACC Quality Management Systems (QMS) Group is to create a value-added system that compliments existing quality management standards, audits, and certifications while offering the opportunity to replace duplicative or unnecessary quality management processes. The goal of this process is to achieve better quality throughout the entire supply chain by focusing resources on critical quality processes.

Chemical Products and Technology: Director

Position Summary The position is responsible for managing all aspects of the American Chemistry Council s ACC North American Flame Retardant Alliance NAFRA , which represents leading manufacturers of flame retardant solutions As described below, responsibilities encompass advocacy, outreach, planning and admini