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ChemITC® Organization

There are many individuals and groups within ChemITC, working to ensure the organization is operating smoothly and fulfilling its role as a forum to address common information management issues in the chemical industry The ChemITC organization supports the broadest range of company participation while still enab

ChemITC® Additional Resources

Welcome to ChemITC s Document Resource Center Below you will find ChemITC background material available for download ChemITC Leadership Overviews ChemITC Leadership PDF Program Information Sheets ChemITC Information Sheet PDF Cyber Security Program Information Sheet PDF Networking Groups Informatio

Ethylene Oxide

The Ethylene Oxide Panel of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is a leading source of product stewardship and regulatory information on ethylene oxide.

Medical Treatment Options

This document is intended to assist such readers in their understanding of various options related to first aid and treatment.


Chemistry is essential to our everyday lives, to the economy and to the future. The science and materials of chemistry make the lives of Americans and others throughout the world healthier, safer, and more sustainable. From contributing


CHEMTREC is an around-the-clock service available to fire fighters, law enforcement officials and other emergency responders who need immediate critical response information for emergency incidents involving chemicals, hazardous materials and dangerous goods.