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Quality of Life

ACC member companies are a vital part of the fabric of the cities and towns where they operate.

ACC Members Contributions to Reimagining Resources

ACC and its members support the pursuit of a more Circular Economy, one that prioritizes resource conservation and efficiency, design innovations that enable longer product lifespans, and reuse, recycling and recovery technologies that allow us to capture the greatest value from materials that have traditionally been discarded.

Chemistry in Utah

See how Chemistry Matters in Utah. Download State and District Fact Sheets.

Shale Gas

Access to vast new supplies of American natural gas from shale deposits is one of the most exciting domestic energy developments in decades, particularly for the business of chemistry.


Nanotechnology could bring about the next wave of innovation in science and engineering—the possibilities are endless. It has the potential to transform aerospace, agriculture, information technology, national defense, transportation and many other sectors.