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Foam Blowing Agent Restrictions in Maryland

Hydrocarbon Solvents Panel

The mission of the Hydrocarbon Solvents Panel (HSP) is to address health, safety, and environmental issues that affect producers, distributors and users of modern hydrocarbon solvents.

CPTD Panel Groups

The Chemical Products and Technology Division (CPTD) represents more than 80 self-funded, chemical-specific groups focused on the business of chemistry.

News Room

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Currently, the Process Automation Users Group (PAUG) maintains two working groups.


ACC and its members are working to improve information sharing and develop best practices to prepare and respond to cyber threats.

Endocrine Active Chemicals

ACC is engaged with the scientific community and regulatory agencies to enhance the scientific understanding of chemicals that may interact with the endocrine system and to promote sound decisions to effectively manage risks that may exist from exposure to them.

Energy Efficiency

America needs a comprehensive energy policy that promotes energy efficiency in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Shale Gas

Access to vast new supplies of American natural gas from shale deposits is one of the most exciting domestic energy developments in decades, particularly for the business of chemistry.

Positive Train Control (PTC)

The United States is facing an unprecedented shutdown of rail service that will send a shock wave through our economy if Congress fails to act swiftly on PTC. Policy Background Under the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Enhancing Scientific Understanding of Chemical Safety Page

While much is known about the safety of chemicals, scientific understanding and technology are continuously evolving ACC collaborates with government, NGOs and other industry sectors to promote research to investigate new theories about chemical safety and develop advanced technologies and testing methods to improve