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About Us

View this page to view the member companies of ACC’s Process Automation Users Group (PAUG).

PFPG Membership

Any company that manufactures and sells plastics (including polystyrene) monomer, resin or plastics (including polystyrene) foodservice packaging products is eligible to become a member of PFPG.

Plastic Packaging Helps Do More with Less

Plastic is often a more efficient material to choose than alternatives That s because plastics are incredibly energy efficient to manufacture and because they are lighter than alternative materials Just two pounds of plastic can deliver 10 gallons of a beverage You d need three pounds of aluminum, eight pounds o

Petroleum Additives Safety Task Group (PAST)

The Petroleum Additives Safety Task Group (PAST) is a separately funded task group of the Petroleum Additives Panel. PAST member companies include Afton Chemical, Chevron Oronite, Infineum USA and the Lubrizol Corporation. The mission of the Petroleum Additives

Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics

Advanced plastics recycling refers to several different processes that use existing and emerging technologies that return post-use plastics to their basic chemical building blocks for creating a versatile mix of new plastics, chemicals, fuels, and other products.

Resin Report Subscriptions

The American Chemistry Council's resin reports are an extensive resource on the North American plastic resins industry. 

Code of Practice Resources

Code of Practice Compliance Acknowledgement Code of Practice Alert Bulletins Code of Practice Code Bulletins Petroleum Additives Product Approval Code of Practice Through the ACC Petroleum Additives Panel Panel , the Product Approval Protocol Task Group PAPTG developed the Product Approval Code of Practic


ACC member companies manufacture products that are critical to the everyday health and well-being of our nation and essential to developing a more sustainable and more competitive economy.