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CPI Statement on Spray Foam Application

Health and safety are priorities for the entire spray polyurethane foam industry. That is why CPI offers free and etensive information on spray foam health and safety considerations to homeowners, contractors and anyone else interested in spray foam. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about spray polyurethane foam to visit www.spraypolyurethane.org to take advantage of these resources.


Foam Sheathing Makers Gain Major Success at ICC Code Hearing By Approval of Proposal Expanding Use of Plastic Insulation

The Foam Sheathing Committee of the American Chemistry Council, through an industry effort, achieved an important change in gaining broad acceptance of a performance-based standard for the use of foam insulation products in all code complying commercial applications during the recent International Building Code (IBC) Final Action Hearings in Portland, Oregon.


ACC Photo Contest Highlights Energy Savings From Chemistry Innovations

Only two weeks remain for contestants to submit their photos to enter the American Chemistry Councils (ACC) #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest, with five of the final eight qualifiers having already become eligible for the $1,419 grand prize. Thats how much the average U.S. household paid for electricity alone in 2010.