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WASHINGTON (October 3, 2017) – ACC’s Plastics-to-Fuel and Petrochemistry Alliance (PFPA) today announced that Renewlogy, formerly PK Clean, will become its newest member. Renewlogy, based in Salt Lake City, joins technology providers Agilyx, RES Polyflow, and Vadxx Energy in PFPA membership.

“Renewlogy is excited to join PFPA in educating policymakers, communities, and others about the important benefits of pyrolysis technologies,” said Renewlogy’s CEO and founder Priyanka Bakaya. “In addition to creating valuable products from post-use plastics, these technologies can help us reduce the amount of plastics in our waterways.” Earlier this year Renewlogy announced plans to open a second facility in Canada that will be operational by early 2018.

Adding Renewlogy to its membership is the latest milestone in PFPA’s forward momentum. In May, the Florida State House and Senate unanimously passed legislation that will help Florida meet its recycling goal and create new manufacturing jobs. The legislation classifies specified post-use plastics as “recovered materials,” so facilities which use technologies such as pyrolysis to convert those plastics into fuels, chemicals, and other feedstocks are classified as manufacturing and not as waste management facilities.

In April, Argonne National Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy, concluded that using pyrolysis to convert post-use non-recycled plastics into ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel results in significant energy and environmental benefits. The peer-reviewed analysis found that this process can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 14 percent, water consumption by up to 58 percent, and traditional energy use by up to 96 percent when compared to ULSD produced from conventional crude oil.

“More governments, communities, and businesses are looking for innovative solutions to better manage our post-use resources,” said Craig Cookson, ACC’s senior director, recycling and energy recovery. “Plastics-to-fuel technologies can help us recover more post-use plastics, generate useful products, create jobs, and lower our environmental footprint. We are thrilled to have Renewlogy join our efforts.”


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