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Sunscreen and Light Energy

Chlorine and chlorine based compounds play an important role in protecting public health In fact, about 93 percent of the top selling pharmaceuticals are manufactured using chlorine chemistry This experiment will highlight chlorine s role in one important pharmaceutical product sunscreen Sunscreens are produced


Users of aliphatic diisocyanates employ a variety of processes and activities during production to minimize exposure to airborne chemicals.


If you are interested in learning more about aliphatic diisocyanates (ADIs), the following sections provide some helpful information and resources you may want to visit.

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Water To Be Used for Drinking, Cooking, Making Any Prepared Drink, or Brushing the Teeth Should Be Properly Disinfected When the home water supply is interrupted by natural or other forms of disaster, you can obtain limited amounts of water by draining your hot water tank or melting ice cubes In most cases, well w

Chlorine and Building Block Chemistry

Introduction Chlorine, an Element That s Everywhere Chlorine and Public Health From Whiter Whites to Leukemia Medications Introducing Building Block Chemistry More Building Block Chemistry Introduction What do tents, jogging shoes, cosmetics and schoolbooks have in common That s a good question to ask your

Classroom Activities

The following is a list of educational resources developed by the Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council ACC and its partners These modules and classroom activities are designed to help educators teach and discuss chemistry and risk education in their classrooms Team Chlorine Activities