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EO Product Stewardship Manual – 3rd edition

This manual is intended to provide general information to persons who may handle or store ethylene oxide.  It includes information on the properties, health effects, environmental effects and hazards of Ethylene Oxide.

Building and Construction

From the construction of new homes to the retrofit and renovation of commercial buildings, and from hospitals to schools, architects and designers rely on plastics to help maximize energy efficiency, durability and performance.

Plastics in Packaging and Consumer Products

Plastics help us to do more with less in many ways When it comes to packaging, plastics often enable manufacturers to ship more product with less packaging material This process of light weighting can play an important role in boosting the environmental and economic efficiency of consumer product packaging Consi

Waste Reduction FAQs

Q What is in our waste stream A The Garbage Project, a Department of Applied Research in Anthropology at the University of Arizona, gives an estimated breakdown of the materials disposed of in landfills by volume in the first pie chart In the second and third charts, the U S Environmental Protection Agency E