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Drinking Water Disinfection

CleanWater Brought to You by Chemistry ACC celebrates WorldWaterDay and the White House Water Summit by releasing a video highlighting the many ways chemistry keeps water flowing from source to tap A quick turn of the tap and there it is clean, flowing water to drink, cook with, bathe in It is so readi

Balanced Equations for the Chloride Salt Activity

ammonium chloride ammonia NH4Cl aq NH3 aq no reaction ammonium chloride aluminum foil NH4Cl aq Al s no reaction cupric chloride ammonia CuCl2 aq NH3 aq Cu NH3 Cl2 aq note some Cu OH 2 may be produced cupric chloride aluminum foil 3CuCl2 aq 2A1 s 3 Cu s 2 AlC

Chlorine Experiments

The following experiments demonstrate the usefulness of two products made using chlorine chemistry Sunscreen and Light Energy Antifreeze and the Freezing Point of Water For additional experiments involving chlorine chemistry, check out our Building Block Chemistry resources 452

Chlorine in Our Lives

Many of you may know that chlorine is used in swimming pools, and to keep our water safe to drink But chlorine has many other important uses as well It is a building block in thousands of products medicines, plastics, other chemicals, paper products, etc Chlorine is used to manufacture each of the following p


The Long-Range Research Initiative (LRI) promotes innovations in chemical safety assessment. It invests in science essential for understanding the impact of chemicals on human health and the environment.

Exploring Chlorine Compounds

Purpose You will observe and compare the physical and chemical properties of different chlorine compounds Materials Magnifying glass Aluminum foil, 1 x 4 cm strip pH paper, 4 strips Chemplate or 4 small jars or test tubes with rack Small jar of tap water Dropper bottle of household ammonia Dropper Small spoon

Technical Chlorine Information

Q Where can I find technical information on chlorine s safe production, transportation and storage A Technical information on the safe production, transportation and storage of chlorine may be obtained at The Chlorine Institute s on line bookstore The Institute offers free downloads of a series of pamphlets on

A Common Building Block

Chlorine, oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrogen, phosphorous and carbon make up over 99 percent of the earth s crust, atmosphere and oceans by weight These elements are truly building blocks they combine with other elements to form our world Chlorine Chemistry Chlor

Market Pricing or Sales

As a trade association of U S chlorine producers and users, the American Chemistry Council s Chlorine Chemistry Division does not distribute price or marketing information on chlorine or any other chemicals, or related equipment 153