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Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG)

The Petroleum Additives - Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG) developed a Code of Practice for fuel and fuel detergent additive performance testing practices.  The objective of FATG is to pursue research and advocacy issues relative to fuel additives in order to enhance the performance of automotive and industrial fuels.

Vinyl: Dress in Style and Comfort

From the groovy vinyl boots of the 1960 s, to today s stone washed jeans, chlorine chemistry has a long standing role in helping us dress in comfort and style Fashion Chemistry From the groovy vinyl boots of the 1960 s, to today s cool, low rise jeans, chlorine chemistry has a long standing role in helping u

Isopropanol Panel

Isopropanol is an important ingredient in paints, inks, general-purpose cleaners and disinfectants. The mission of the Isopropanol Panel is to address health, safety, and environmental issues that affect producers, distributors and users of isopropanol.

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Chlorine Chemistry in Hospitals

The modern hospital is a showcase of medical technology designed to help patients heal Chemistry is an essential ingredient in medical technology, and chlorine plays a key role in providing some of the most critical, life saving tools, including intravenous tubing and blood bags, x ray equipment, prostheses, pharm

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"Environmental Resources Management (ERM) seeks true partnerships with our clients. We look forward to growing with the chemical industry by delivering services to our clients that bring products to market safely, sustainably, and in compliance with global regulations..."

Nickel Stakeholders Group

In an effort to strengthen industry awareness and participation in nickel science and advocacy efforts, the Nickel Institute and ACC formed the Nickel Stakeholders Group (NSG).


Chemistry. Its widespread use to create innovative new products is one of the hallmarks of our modern age.

Biocides in Industrial Processes

Countless industries rely on the judicious use of specialized materials to preserve the integrity of industrial processes and ensure worker safety.