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Science & Research Highlights

ACC’s Science & Research Highlights are  short summaries designed to communicate key features of ACC-sponsored research, including relevance and impacts. While many of the research activities described in Science & Research Highlights are LRI-supported, research projects from other ACC organizations are often included as well.

Chlorine Chemistry Is a Key to Better Health in the Developing World

A simple turn of the faucet, and there it is abundant fresh, clean water It can quench your thirst, help cook your food, or provide welcome relief in a hot tub at the end of a hard day but it is not available to all An Essential Commodity Life on Earth is water based Our lives depend on this liquid, which is pu

Clean Water is Healthy Water

An article by Bonnie B Sandel from Aquatics International, a magazine devoted to the commercial and public swimming pool industries posted with permission from Aquatics International Otitisexterna, Pseudomonas folliculitis, Pontiac fever, Legionnaires disease, gastroenteritis, cryptosporidiosis, Giardiaisis, ca

Recent Workshop Reports

Reports are available from the workshops that LRI and its International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) partners organize to foster interactions among researchers and stakeholders, stimulate discussions that can improve the scientific basis for policy-making and support consensus building to advance the risk assessment process.


Congress must modernize LSCA to ensure product safety and consumer confidence, as well as to preserve America’s role as the world’s leading innovator.

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