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Considerations for Isocyanate Wipe Sampling

The wipe sampling methodology was developed as a qualitative tool for education and housekeeping improvement. Wipes are useful in detecting isocyanate contamination on surfaces and/or objects that workers might expect to be clean (e.g., doorknobs, handrails, tools, safety glasses, pencils) or for determining if surfaces are clean after decontamination activities.

LRI Perspectives

LRI Perspectives, short (two-page) documents, are prepared to provide a summary of a body of work that demonstrates the importance and impact of LRI-sponsored research. View this webpage for a complete list of perspectives.

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Early Career Awards Archive Established To Date

Early Career Awards established to date include the following The Early Career Awards program (2001 2004) was created to enhance career development for researchers early in their career at academic institutions in North America,

Research Strategies

The LRI Research Strategy provides the framework for development of more detailed research plans that align with health and environmental issues of highest priority to society and the chemistry industry.

Program Management

Strategic Science Team   The LRI Strategic Science Team (SST), which includes both senior scientists