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Recovery FAQs

Q What is recovery A Recovery is the process of obtaining materials or energy resources from solid waste Recovery includes solid waste management options other than landfilling Recovered plastics might be recycled into new products Suitable recovered plastics might be composted Recovered plastics could be c

LRI Workshops

LRI co-sponsors workshops and conferences with scientific societies, international organizations, and governmental agencies that are designed to focus on timely issues of mutual interest to these groups and to policy makers.

Recent Workshop Reports

Reports are available from the workshops that LRI and its International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) partners organize to foster interactions among researchers and stakeholders, stimulate discussions that can improve the scientific basis for policy-making and support consensus building to advance the risk assessment process.

Plastic Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about plastics and the environment Check our Frequently Asked Questions below Related Categories Plastics Resource Conservation Energy Efficiency Waste Reduction Recovery Waste to Energy Landfilling 213


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Research Abstracts Database

Abstracts for Current Projects Project abstracts are a primary source of information regarding the status and progress for LRI’s currently funded projects. These abstracts are provided each year by the principal