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ACC and its members are working to improve information sharing and develop best practices to prepare and respond to cyber threats.

Panel Activities

The Nanotechnology Panel has a robust agenda of activities surrounding the stewardship and regulation of nanomaterials as well as research into this technology.

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We do what no single company can do on its own and provide you membership at three levels—regular (small and medium size enterprises), affiliate and associate.

Shale Gas

Access to vast new supplies of American natural gas from shale deposits is one of the most exciting domestic energy developments in decades, particularly for the business of chemistry.

Rudy Underwood

Vice President of State Affairs and Political Mobilization

Chlorine Chemistry Helps People See Clearly

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses, made with the help of chlorine chemistry, are some of the most popular soft contacts on the market Contact Lenses Comfort and Vision Contact lenses are a convenient, practically invisible vision correcting option for people who prefer not to wear glasses Thanks to technolo

Chlorine Misinformation During the 1990s Latin American Cholera Epidemic

Former PAHO official, Fred Reiff, recounts his experiences battling chlorine misinformation during the Latin American cholera epidemic of the 1990s Despite data supporting chlorine s highly beneficial impact on clean water supplies and public health, claims persist that the potential risks of chlorination outweigh

Drinking Water Disinfection

CleanWater Brought to You by Chemistry ACC celebrates WorldWaterDay and the White House Water Summit by releasing a video highlighting the many ways chemistry keeps water flowing from source to tap A quick turn of the tap and there it is clean, flowing water to drink, cook with, bathe in It is so readi


Users of aliphatic diisocyanates employ a variety of processes and activities during production to minimize exposure to airborne chemicals.

Chlorine Experiments

The following experiments demonstrate the usefulness of two products made using chlorine chemistry Sunscreen and Light Energy Antifreeze and the Freezing Point of Water For additional experiments involving chlorine chemistry, check out our Building Block Chemistry resources 452

Chlorine Can Bring Chemistry to Life

Introduce your students to chemistry without tackling the whole periodic table at once Recognizing basic elements as building blocks is essential to the study of science And looking closer at one element in particular chlorine can help ignite students interest in chemistry The following two day study of build