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ACC Members Contributions to Reimagining Resources

ACC and its members support the pursuit of a more Circular Economy, one that prioritizes resource conservation and efficiency, design innovations that enable longer product lifespans, and reuse, recycling and recovery technologies that allow us to capture the greatest value from materials that have traditionally been discarded.


Chemistry is the Science Behind Sustainability – the products, technologies and innovations enabled by the chemical industry are essential to a sustainable future.

Clean Water

Advances in technologies made possible by chemistry have enabled water conservation, reuse and the transformation of contaminate water into clean, safe drinking water.

In the States

ACC's State Affairs Department advocates for science based, common sense regulations at the state and local level.

Workplace Safety

ACC member companies are rightfully proud of an impressive workplace safety record.

Product Safety Code

ACC and its members developed the Responsible Care Product Safety Code to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety as part of the industry’s signature environmental, health, safety and security management system.

Business Value

Responsible Care helps ACC member companies to not only improve their environmental, health, safety and security performance, but also to improve their business operations How Responsible Care Benefits ACC Member Companies Value of Responsible Care Partnership Program Communicating the Responsible Care Va

Glycol Ethers

The Ethylene Glycol Ether Panel, chartered in 1980, and the Propylene Glycol Ether Panel, chartered in 1993, merged as one panel at the American Chemistry Council in 2002 to represent producers and manufactures of commercially available glycol ether chemistries.

Chemistry in Texas

See how Chemistry Matters in Texas. Download State and District Fact Sheets.

Petroleum Additives Safety Task Group (PAST)

The Petroleum Additives Safety Task Group (PAST) is a separately funded task group of the Petroleum Additives Panel. PAST member companies include Afton Chemical, Chevron Oronite, Infineum USA and the Lubrizol Corporation. The mission of the Petroleum Additives