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Lithium Battery Materials

The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Lithium Battery Materials Panel represents the major manufacturers of chemicals and materials that are utilized in the production of lithium batteries.

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Mission Statement Promote consistent and transparent risk assessment approaches, science methodologies and policies that broadly support industry s commitment to the generation and the use of the best available and relevant science in chemical risk assessments About Us The Center for Advancing Risk Assessment S


At the American Chemistry Council (ACC) WE value our employees and our benefit plans are a key component of the total compensation program.

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The Disinfecting Power of an Old Stand-by: Chlorine Bleach

By these members of the Nurses Leadership Council, a group of nurse educators who advised the American Chemistry Council s Chlorine Chemistry Council for several years in the early 2000 s Nettie Birnbach, RN, EdD, FAAN Ann W Burgess, RN, DNSc, CS, FAAN Willa M Doswell, RN, PhD, FAAN Lucie S Kelly, RN, PhD, F

Clean Water is Healthy Water

An article by Bonnie B Sandel from Aquatics International, a magazine devoted to the commercial and public swimming pool industries posted with permission from Aquatics International Otitisexterna, Pseudomonas folliculitis, Pontiac fever, Legionnaires disease, gastroenteritis, cryptosporidiosis, Giardiaisis, ca