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TRANSCAER is a national outreach effort that promotes safe transportation and helps communities prepare for and respond to any transportation incident involving hazardous materials.

What Is Ethylene Oxide?

A versatile and valuable building block of chemistry, ethylene oxide and its derivatives help make many of the products we use everyday.

Butadiene Product Summary

Butadiene is produced commercially by extractive distillation from crude butylene concentration (C4) stream, a by-product of ethylene and propylene production.

Trade Growth

The international trade of chemicals reflects an intensely competitive struggle for markets by the producers in an increasingly global industry.

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)

MIBK is a solvent used in manufacturing paints, rubbers, pharmaceuticals, other chemicals, usually in the semiconductor, fragrance, and flavor industries. MIBKis also known as hexone, isobutyl methyl ketone, and isohexanone.


CHEMTREC is an around-the-clock service available to fire fighters, law enforcement officials and other emergency responders who need immediate critical response information for emergency incidents involving chemicals, hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Trade Overview

The increase in world chemical production has brought with it an even larger increase in the international chemical trade. Chemicals are now manufactured in many production locations around the globe, and prices for chemicals are generally set by global supply


Future economic growth for the chemical sector depends on establishing trade policies that ensure a strengthened competitive position of the U.S. chemical industry.

Wastewater Chlorination: An Enduring Public Health Practice

Disinfection of municipal wastewater is necessary for safe potable water supplies and for healthy rivers and streams Microorganisms are present in large numbers in sewage treatment plant effluents and waterborne disease outbreaks have been associated with sewage contaminated water supplies or recreational waters

Chlorine and Swimming Pools and Spas

Q Why is chlorine added to swimming pools and spas A Chlorine kills harmful microorganisms that can cause health related problems in swimming pools and spas Chlorine based swimming pool and spa disinfectants help prevent swimmers ear, athlete s foot, skin rashes and diarrhea Legionnaires Disease and Pontiac

Chlorine: On the “Front Line” in Hospitals®

When life is on the line, Americans can turn to any of the nearly 6,500 hospitals in the United States for help From life saving drug therapies to the latest diagnostic equipment and surgical techniques, U S hospitals provide patients with a standard of medical care that is the envy of much of the world But the