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Our Goals: Help Enable a Sustainable Future

Put chemistry to work to support a sustainable future where communities around the world can have higher standards of living, adequate clean water and nutritious food, while our environment thrives.


The Acetone Panel formed in 1990 to address health, safety and environmental issues. Since its formation, the Panel has sponsored toxicology testing and addressed a variety of regulatory issues.

Health and Nutrition

Over the past century, advances in chemistry have led to groundbreaking medicines and medical treatments that have eradicated once deadly diseases.

ACC Members Contributions to Sustainable Practices

Chemical manufacturers are responsible for the impacts of our products and operations. To meet this responsibility, we undertake stringent practices to protect human health and the environment, which are verified by independent auditors and supported by publicly reported data, through Responsible Care®.


Currently, the Process Automation Users Group (PAUG) maintains two working groups.

Completing the DHS CSAT Site Security Plan Training

Featured Presenters David McCullin, Program Analyst, Infrastructure Security Compliance Division Department of Homeland Security Matt Davey, Consultant, Infrastructure Security Compliance Division Department of Homeland Security Duration 120 minutes Cost Complimentary The Department of Homeland Security s DHS

Petroleum Additives Panel

The Petroleum Additives Panel was formed in 1990 to pursue the research and advocacy interests of developers, manufacturers and marketers of additives used to enhance the performance of automotive and industrial petroleum fuels or lubricants.  The Panel’s mission includes the continuous development of a product approval protocol for engine oil testing, fuel and fuel detergent additive performance testing practices, and to address health, regulatory and environmental issues affecting the additives industry.


America’s environmental policies must promote the shared national goal of a healthy environment while encouraging innovation and high-skilled, high-paying jobs in the business of chemistry

Chemistry in Kansas

See how Chemistry Matters in Kansas. Download State and District Fact Sheets.