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Robert J. Simon

Vice President of Chemical Products and Technology and Chlorine Chemistry

Understanding Risk and Hazard

Risk is the possibility of a harm arising, while hazard refers to the inherent properties that make a substance able to cause a risk.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Numerous industries, including agriculture, communications, defense, energy, health and medicine, technology and transportation use chemicals every day to ensure the safety of our water and food supply and enhance virtually every aspect of our lives.

Rudy Underwood

Vice President of State Affairs and Political Mobilization


Wisconsin’s aging water infrastructure is in desperate need of repair.

Chemistry in Idaho

See how Chemistry Matters in Idaho. Download State and District Fact Sheets.

Positive Train Control (PTC)

The United States is facing an unprecedented shutdown of rail service that will send a shock wave through our economy if Congress fails to act swiftly on PTC. Policy Background Under the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008.


The business of chemistry excels at continuously bringing new, imaginative and innovative ideas to market—applied technology in medical devices, aerospace, computing, cars, fuels and more.