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Sunscreen and Light Energy

Chlorine and chlorine based compounds play an important role in protecting public health In fact, about 93 percent of the top selling pharmaceuticals are manufactured using chlorine chemistry This experiment will highlight chlorine s role in one important pharmaceutical product sunscreen Sunscreens are produced


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Life Cycle

A life cycle approach to evaluating environmental impacts helps manufacturers understand how their choices influence what happens at each stage of a product’s life.

Product Approval Protocol Task Group

The PA - Product Approval Protocol Task Group (PAPTG) is a separately funded task group of the Petroleum Additives Panel that focuses research and advocacy efforts related to automotive lubricant additives.  PAPTG member companies are active developers, manufacturers or marketers of performance enhancing chemicals for use in automotive lubricants.


The Plastics Industry Producers Statistics Group (PIPS) provides relevant, timely, comprehensive and extensive business statistics on the plastic resins industry.