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Background and Methodology for Statistical Reports

Background Methodology Estimates Revisions Security and Confidentiality Background ACC s Plastics Industry Producers Statistics PIPS Group provides relevant, timely, and extensive business statistics on the plastic resins industry Dating back to inception in 1971 at the Society of the Plastics Industry

Solid Waste Reduction

Because plastics are both strong and lightweight, they can help to dramatically cut back on the amount of material needed to make a product or package. 

Chlorine Experiments

The following experiments demonstrate the usefulness of two products made using chlorine chemistry Sunscreen and Light Energy Antifreeze and the Freezing Point of Water For additional experiments involving chlorine chemistry, check out our Building Block Chemistry resources 452

Reports and Studies

Study Shows Used Plastics Add Value in New Chemical Recycling Technologies

America’s Plastics Makers™ are committed to finding viable solutions for repurposing non-recycled used plastics. These valuable resources do not belong in landfills or, worse, our oceans. While traditional recycling is a great option for many plastics, it has its limitations.

Did You Know?

The info here is designed to provide perspective on important scientific concepts and phrases that are used in environment, health and safety principles.