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Food Safety and Surface Disinfection

Although the U S food supply is among the safest in the world, the U S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us foodborne diseases affect millions of Americans every year, resulting in thousands of deaths Media coverage of food contamination incidents raises consumer awareness of the risks of microbia

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Water To Be Used for Drinking, Cooking, Making Any Prepared Drink, or Brushing the Teeth Should Be Properly Disinfected When the home water supply is interrupted by natural or other forms of disaster, you can obtain limited amounts of water by draining your hot water tank or melting ice cubes In most cases, well w

High Production Volume (HPV)

As valuable as these products of chemistry are, we also know that chemistry must be used responsibly. Promoting the safe use of the essential products of chemistry is a shared responsibility of manufacturers, the government and those

Disposal of Empty TDI Drums

When purchasing TDI or TDI products in 55-gallon steel drums, it is important to follow proper procedures and have an appropriate plan established for disposing of the drums once they are empty. 

Chlorine Chemistry: Helping to Harness the Power of the Sun

Chlorine chemistry is imperative to purifying silicon used to make both solar cells and integrated circuits, the foundation of modern electronics A Partnership with the Sun For centuries, humans have taken advantage of the tremendous energy of the sun Besides powering the growth of crops, solar energy has long

Safety and Recycling

Safety Lithium and lithium ion batteries are designed using several safety standards including ISO, SAE and ANSI These standards apply to the design features of the electrode, electrolyte, membrane separator, cell, module and battery pack, as well as the handling for delivery and disposal purposes Recycling His

Pool and Spa Disinfection

Nothing refreshes like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day Swimming pools provide fun, exercise and welcome relief from high temperatures Spas and hot tubs are increasingly popular for the therapeutic relaxation they provide But unless water disinfectant levels are properly managed, a dip in the pool or spa c

Air Monitoring

Information collected from air monitoring helps occupational health and safety professionals, called industrial hygienists, to determine whether there is potential for worker overexposure and to take preventative measures.

Environmental Stewardship

ADI producers support the practice of conserving resources and minimizing any potential environmental and health impacts of their products.

OEL Workshop

On September 10-11, 2012, the Nanotechnology Panel co-sponsored a workshop with the George Washington University (GWU) on “Strategies for Setting Occupational Exposure Limits for Engineered Nanomaterials.”