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Science & Research Highlights

ACC’s Science & Research Highlights are  short summaries designed to communicate key features of ACC-sponsored research, including relevance and impacts. While many of the research activities described in Science & Research Highlights are LRI-supported, research projects from other ACC organizations are often included as well.


Here find a list of helpful resources from government and other organizations about nanotechnology and worker safety.

CHEMTREC: Watch Manager

The position is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the assigned shift within the CHEMTREC Operations Center.

CHEMTREC: Manager, Sales

This position is responsible for achieving sales goals as well as ensuring consistent and profitable sales revenues growth through positive planning, deployment and management of sales resources. The position is also responsible for identifying objectives, strategies and action plans for purposes of improving short- and long-term sales and earnings. The position reports directly to the Senior Manager, Sales.

Regulatory Cooperation

The United States and some of its top trading partners regulate chemicals in different ways. Sometimes, varying regulatory approaches can create unnecessary, non tariff barriers to chemicals trade, which can be resolved through regulatory cooperation. ACC