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Chris Jahn

Chris Jahn is President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the leading association representing the $553-billion U.S. chemicals industry. 

Mode of Action and Thresholds

Risk Assessment Basics: Mode of action MOA information describes key events and processes that would, in general, explain the overall process of development of a toxic effect MOA is also relevant in considering susceptibility factors within populations, and in considering the cumulative effects of exposure to

Risk Assessment Basics

Nearly 500 years ago, Paracelsus coined the phrase the dose makes the poison and even today the relationship between dose and health effects remains a fundamental concept of toxicology All chemical substances will exhibit an adverse effect if given a large enough dose Conversely, if the dose is sufficiently low

Considerations for Isocyanate Wipe Sampling

Can wipe sampling be used for quantifying the amount of isocyanate on a surface? The wipe sampling methodology was developed as a qualitative tool for education and housekeeping improvement. Wipes are useful in detecting isocyanate contamination on

Resin Report Subscriptions

The American Chemistry Council's resin reports are an extensive resource on the North American plastic resins industry. 

Other Organizations and Information

The DII Panel will continue its interaction and coordination of activities with many organizations that share an interest in diisocyanates. 

Helpful Resources for Consumers

Many of the products that we rely upon every day are safer, tougher and more comfortable through the use of polyurethanes made with diisocyanates DII chemistry.