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Research Abstracts Database

Abstracts for Current Projects Project abstracts are a primary source of information regarding the status and progress for LRI’s currently funded projects. These abstracts are provided each year by the principal

Peer-Reviewed Publications Database

More than 600 peer reviewed scientific articles have been published by LRI investigators since the ACC research program began in 1999. LRI strongly encourages publication of research results by its investigators so that

Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Chemical Sector

Featured Presenter Eric Cosman, The Dow Chemical Company Cyber Security Program Steering Team Co Chair, ISA 99 Committee Members of the Cyber Security Program Industrial Automation and Control Systems IACS Working Group have been participating in a DHS sponsored initiative to create a Roadmap to Secure Control Sy

LRI Workshops

LRI co-sponsors workshops and conferences with scientific societies, international organizations, and governmental agencies that are designed to focus on timely issues of mutual interest to these groups and to policy makers.

ChemITC® Common Questions

General ChemITC Questions There are multiple organizations addressing information technology IT issues in the chemical industry Why did the industry create yet another organization to address this topic When was ChemITC formed What is the mission of ChemITC What are ChemITC s main objectives Does Che

Research Strategies

The LRI Research Strategy provides the framework for development of more detailed research plans that align with health and environmental issues of highest priority to society and the chemistry industry.

Program Management

Strategic Science Team   The LRI Strategic Science Team (SST), which includes both senior scientists