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New Study Designs for Interpretation of Chemical Exposure Data

We have developed state of the art study designs to evaluate the impact of various types of chemical exposures on human health effects. Our aim is to explore and maximize already stated benefits of each while broadening their use for the investigation of biochemical exposures.

Chlorine Chemistry Helps Feed the World

Along with clean water, a nation s food supply is one of its most vital resources, providing the raw nutrition for everyday living Unfortunately for many, especially in developing countries, food supplies fall short of demand Worldwide, some 850 million people struggle to obtain adequate amounts of food to eat

Pool and Spa Disinfection

Nothing refreshes like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day Swimming pools provide fun, exercise and welcome relief from high temperatures Spas and hot tubs are increasingly popular for the therapeutic relaxation they provide But unless water disinfectant levels are properly managed, a dip in the pool or spa c

Energy and Environment

Chlorine chemistry is a critical element of sustainability, resource conservation, and energy innovation. 

Drinking Water Disinfection

CleanWater Brought to You by Chemistry ACC celebrates WorldWaterDay and the White House Water Summit by releasing a video highlighting the many ways chemistry keeps water flowing from source to tap A quick turn of the tap and there it is clean, flowing water to drink, cook with, bathe in It is so readi

Plastics and Safety

From packaging that helps prevent foodborne illness to toddler gates, helmets, seatbelts and airbags—plastics contribute to our safety throughout the day, every day. 

Chlorine Chemistry: Helping to Harness the Power of the Sun

Chlorine chemistry is imperative to purifying silicon used to make both solar cells and integrated circuits, the foundation of modern electronics A Partnership with the Sun For centuries, humans have taken advantage of the tremendous energy of the sun Besides powering the growth of crops, solar energy has long