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PU 115: Spray Polyurethane Foam

This webinar course will discuss general background about spray polyurethane foam (SPF), unique applications, benefits of SPF, where SPF can be installed, evaluation reports, code changes and distinctive case studies where SPF was installed.

Becoming a Member of CPI

Membership into the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) is open to all segments of the polyurethanes industry, including raw material producers, systems suppliers, processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, as well as users of polyurethane materials who manufacture flexible or rigid foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants or elastomers.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Equipment

Spray foam equipment is most often used to produce rigid polyurethane foams for insulation applications in buildings, water heaters, and refrigeration. 

Silicones Environmental, Health, and Safety Center

Silicones are a family of specialty, high-performance materials. The silicone family includes siloxanes and silanes, all of which are widely used in thousands of products and provide essential benefits to key segments of our economy, including: health care, aerospace, personal care, electronics, transportation and construction.