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Polyurethanes and Packaging

Polyurethane packaging foam (PPF) provides cost-effective, custom form-fitting cushioning to uniquely and securely protect items that need to stay safely in place during transit.

Plastics and Safety

From packaging that helps prevent foodborne illness to toddler gates, helmets, seatbelts and airbags—plastics contribute to our safety throughout the day, every day. 

Life Cycle

A life cycle approach to evaluating environmental impacts helps manufacturers understand how their choices influence what happens at each stage of a product’s life.

Marine Litter

America’s Plastics Makers™ stand with the majority of scientists and policy makers who have found that effective marine litter solutions require actions to increase litter prevention.

Resource Conservation FAQs

Q What is resource conservation and why is it important A Through effective resource conservation, we can minimize our impact on the planet by using the earth s resources wisely To do this, we must more efficiently manage natural resources and lessen the environmental impact of the products we use, from raw ma

Reports and Studies

Study Shows Used Plastics Add Value in New Chemical Recycling Technologies

America’s Plastics Makers™ are committed to finding viable solutions for repurposing non-recycled used plastics. These valuable resources do not belong in landfills or, worse, our oceans. While traditional recycling is a great option for many plastics, it has its limitations.


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