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Environmental Regulations

Environmental regulations must promote the shared national goal of a healthy environment while preserving America’s ability to innovate and create jobs.

ACC Members Contributions to Sustainable Practices

Chemical manufacturers are responsible for the impacts of our products and operations. To meet this responsibility, we undertake stringent practices to protect human health and the environment, which are verified by independent auditors and supported by publicly reported data, through Responsible Care®.

Vibrant Oceans

More must be done to increase recycling, recovery and reuse of plastics so that they do not contaminate our environment.

Our Goals: Help Enable a Sustainable Future

Put chemistry to work to support a sustainable future where communities around the world can have higher standards of living, adequate clean water and nutritious food, while our environment thrives.

ACC Members Contributions to Reimagining Resources

ACC and its members support the pursuit of a more Circular Economy, one that prioritizes resource conservation and efficiency, design innovations that enable longer product lifespans, and reuse, recycling and recovery technologies that allow us to capture the greatest value from materials that have traditionally been discarded.

ACC Members Contributions to Safe Chemistry

Chemistry plays an essential role in the products and technologies we use every day, from vital ingredients in consumer products to raw materials in manufacturing processes. These chemicals must be produced and used in ways that protect human health and the environment.

Trade Overview Infographic

3 Exports U.S. chemical manufacturers export large volumes of chemicals to trading partners who depend on them for their own manufacturing processes. Teal Imports U.S. chemical manufacturers import feedstocks and raw materials that are essential to U.S