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ACC Public Comment on US UK Trade Negotiations

As the Administration defines its negotiating objectives, we submit our ideas for how both the US and UK can achieve concrete and tangible outcomes for chemicals manufacturers.


ACC Public Comments on US-EU Trade Negotiations

ACC and members appreciate the commitment to streamlining transatlantic trade and the focus on the chemicals sector made in the July 25, 2018, United States-European Union (EU) Joint Statement.


ACC Statement for Record on Transparency in Regulatory Science

ACC believes that EPA’s proposal correctly codifies an important good governance principle:  that government agencies should be as transparent as possible, within the bounds of the law, about scientific information they rely on and the justifications for the significant regulatory decisions they make.


ACC Comments on Problem Formulations

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is pleased to submit the attached comments on EPA’s problem formulations for risk evaluations to be conducted on the initial 10 chemicals under TSCA.


ACC Comments on TSCA Systematic Review Approach

ACC is pleased to submit the attached comments on the U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics’ proposed Application of Systematic Review in TSCA Risk Evaluations. 


ACC Section 301 Public Comment USTR

Uninterrupted access to global supply chains and foreign customer markets is vital to the American chemical industry’s ability to maintain its competitive position. Tariffs increase the costs of doing business in the United States and invite damaging retaliatory actions by U.S. trading partners.