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Advances in chemistry play a key role in increasing agricultural production. Chemical products protect plants from pest infestation, increase crop production, and slow soil erosion.


Chemistry. Its widespread use to create innovative new products is one of the hallmarks of our modern age.

Environmental Regulations

Environmental regulations must promote the shared national goal of a healthy environment while preserving America’s ability to innovate and create jobs.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Membership provides access to networking opportunities, a forum for education and a venue to work collaboratively with ACC on mutual advocacy issues. Join us today!

Associate Member

Being an ACC Associate Member distinguishes your company from the rest—become a strategic partner and key supporter of the global chemical industry.

ChemITC® Events

ChemITC and its strategic programs are planning a variety of virtual and face to face events to provide valuable opportunities for chemical industry IT and manufacturing leaders to share knowledge, gather information and participate in dialogue with other executives about various topics and issues To learn how you

Plastics in Packaging and Consumer Products

Plastics help us to do more with less in many ways When it comes to packaging, plastics often enable manufacturers to ship more product with less packaging material This process of light weighting can play an important role in boosting the environmental and economic efficiency of consumer product packaging Consi