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About Us

The Coalition for Epoxy Technology & Sustainability was formed in 2020 to serve as a focal point for the North American epoxy resin value chain.


The ability of epoxies to strengthen and improve existing products, equipment, and facilities, and to enable the creation and development of new renewable energy technologies, is just one way they contribute to the sustainability of life and industry.

Ethylene Oxide Panel Seminars

The Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycols Panel has a long history of sponsoring product stewardship seminars to support the safe manufacture, handling and transportation of ethylene oxide.

Growth Overview

Chemistry is essential to our everyday lives, to the economy and to the future. The science and materials of chemistry make the lives of Americans and others throughout the world healthier, safer, and more sustainable. From contributing

Butadiene Product Summary

Butadiene is produced commercially by extractive distillation from crude butylene concentration (C4) stream, a by-product of ethylene and propylene production.

Chemical Production Regional Index (CPRI)

The U.S. chemical production regional index (CPRI) tracks chemical industry production in 7 regions. View this page for the latest information and press releases.