Making it Possible to Meet the Needs of a Growing World

In the next 40 years, the global population will expand to nine billion people. Only through chemistry will it be possible to provide a healthy and plentiful food supply, clean air and water, safe living conditions, efficient and affordable energy sources and life-saving medical treatments to communities around the globe.

Over 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry.

Products & Technology Sector and Product Groups

Three Divisions—Plastics, Chlorine Chemistry and Chemical Products and Technology—form the ACC Product Groups. These groups accomplish their objectives through effective research, analysis, strategy and integrated communications at the federal, state, local and market levels.

ACC and its member companies developed the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety as part of the industry’s signature environmental, health, safety and security management system. The Product Safety Code is our industry’s public commitment to our role in the safe management of chemicals and articulates our pledge to make safety a core value in how our products are made, sold, delivered, used and disposed of.

Rigorous Federal Approval Process Exists for New Chemicals

Graphic explains EPA’s comprehensive review process for chemicals before they are introduced into the marketplace.

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