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Guidance Document on Spray-on PolyurethanePolyurea-Based Lining Applications Containing Isocyanates

This guidance document provides information to professionals concerning important health and safety aspects when working with isocyanates during spray-on lining applications. Topics covered in this document include, but are not limited to: recognizing potential health hazards, wearing respiratory protection and personal protective equipment, containing overspray and responding to emergencies. (AX-405, 2013)

Health and Safety Product Stewardship Program for High-Pressure Application of SPF Workbook

This program presents general information with respect to the use of spray polyurethane foam chemicals and other associated chemicals used in spray polyurethane foam applications. The Workbook and Presentation provide guidance to applicators and helpers who apply professional grade high pressure spray polyurethane foam in both interior and eterior construction applications.

Infographics and Fact Sheets

Issue Brief on Chlorine Rail Transportation Safety

Because chlorine is used everywhere but only made in a few locations, it must be shipped and rail is the safest mode of transportation for chlorine. Learn more.

Biomonitoring and Chemistry

Biomonitoring is a powerful tool that helps scientists, physicians, and public health officials better understand human eposure to environmental substances.

Chlor-Alkali Fact Sheet

The chlor-alkali industry applies the energy of electricity to the salt of the earth to produce three of the most useful chemical building blocks: chlorine, sodium hydroide and hydrogen.