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Bleaches and Disinfectants

The chlorine chemistry used in bleaches and disinfectants benefits consumers by providing low cost products that satisfy their needs in a wide variety of applications.

Chlorine and Food Safety White Paper

Chlorine plays a vital role in the safe production, processing, transport and preparation of foods of all varieties. To date, no other sanitizing agent has appeared which competes with chlorine in all the areas needed for safe food production.

Flu Germs Busted By Chlorine

Flu Germs Busted by Chlorine!In their third adventure, the Chlorin8tor and Little Hector battle the viruses that cause flu. The Disinfecting Duo teach kids the sneaky way that viruses spread and how they can use that knowledge to avoid flu.

Swimming Pool Germs Busted By Chlorine

Swimming Pool Germs Busted by Chlorine. A Healthy Pool Coloring Book A New Adventure of The Chlorin8tor & Little Hector, The Disinfector.

Food Safety Begins At Home

Infectious germs can spread quickly when food is not prepared and stored safely. Learn more about proper food handling and storage to help prevent foodborne illnesses.

Water Germs Busted By Chlorine

View this webpage to print or download this eciting (and free!) coloring and activity book with the following theme: Busting water germs with chlorine!