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The Effects of Non-Recycled Plastic (NRP) on Gasification: A Quantitative Assessment 

This study measures the effects of increasing the percentage of non-recycled plastics (NRP) in the feedstock for the Enerkem gasification to methanol process. Gasification transforms materials, including post-recycled municipal solid waste (MSW), into a useable gaseous product called synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas is comprised of hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Subsequently, it can be combusted to produce electricity and heat or converted into basic chemicals and fuels such as methanol and ethanol. For reasons discussed in this study, gasification of non-recycled materials is environmentally beneficial compared to landfill. Most gasification units process a single-material or homogenous waste stream such as biomass. However, Enerkem, based in Montreal, Canada, in collaboration with the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, has commercialized a gasification system that processes a feedstock derived from heterogeneous municipal solid waste (MSW) into methanol and ethanol.


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