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PFAS: Critical to 21st Century Healthcare

PFAS: Critical to 21st Century Healthcare

Fluorotechnology (PFAS) products are used in hospitals and healthcare settings. Fluoropolymers provide low-friction and clot-resistant coatings for catheters, stents and needles, improving patient comfort and safety, including in deep needle operations such as drug injections and biopsies.

Fluoropolymers allow for protein-resistant and sterile filters, tubing, O-rings, seals and gaskets for kidney dialysis machines and immuno-diagnostic instruments. Fluoropolymers serve as high dielectric insulators that are critical to the proper function of electronics that rely on high-frequency signals such as defibrillators, pacemakers and CRT, PET and MRI imaging devices. Fluoropolymers provide a high barrier against humidity in blister packaging for sensitive pharmaceuticals, extending the shelf-life for dry formulations like pills and powders. In hospital gowns, drapes and divider curtains, other types of fluorinated polymers create a barrier that provides life-saving protection against infections and transmission of diseases in hospitals.

Wall and floor paints employing Fluorotechnology allow for the aggressive use of biocides for cleaning, helping to prevent infections in hospitals.

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