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PFAS: Integral to Life-Saving Drugs

PFAS: Integral to Life-Saving Drugs

Overly broad definitions and onerous restrictions on perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) could restrict Americans’ access to important drugs. 

Unscientific definitions of PFAS at the state level have threatened the use of important medications, such as well-known cholesterol and antidepressant medications.

PFAS are critical to maintaining a reliable supply chain of ingredients key to pharmaceuticals. Additionally, PFAS chemistries play an important part in the manufacturing and distribution of life-changing drugs. In packaging, fluoropolymers provide a high barrier against humidity in blister packaging for sensitive pharmaceuticals, and extend the shelf life for dry formulations like pills and powders necessary to patient health.

The American Chemistry Council wants to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure definitions and regulations of PFAS are based on sound science and do not restrict access to life-saving medications.

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