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U.S. Chemicals Trade by the Numbers

The shale gas revolution has elevated the U.S. chemicals industry to one of the world’s leading, low-cost suppliers of chemicals. Duty-free trade and access to key export markets are critical to helping our industry capitalize on its competitive advantage and maximize growth.

Billion of total U.S. exports in 2022, accounting for 10.3% of all U.S. goods exports.
Americans employed by chemistry are in export-dependent jobs
Of all U.S. chemical exports are petrochemicals & derivatives (including plastic resins)
Of all U.S. chemical exports and 55% of all U.S. chemical imports are between companies and their subsidiaries
Billion in announced U.S. chemical industry investment in American shale gas, much of which is directed toward U.S. export markets
Of U.S. chemical exports come from Texas, the top chemicals exporting state
Billion plus U.S. industrial chemicals trade surplus in 2022.
Largest national markets for U.S. chemical exports in 2022 were Canada ($31 billion) and Mexico ($31 billion)

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