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Nouryon’s Agrilan® 1015 Biodegradable Dispersant Provides a Sustainable Solution for the Global Farming Community

Kelly Montes de Oca

Today’s farmers are challenged to produce more crops with fewer resources to help feed a growing global population. Farmers rely on dispersants to help the active ingredients in water-based crop protection products and seed-treatment formulations dissolve more easily. However, many existing dispersant products are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators, including the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and other regulatory bodies, for their potentially negative environmental effects. 

Agrochemical formulations are often complex mixtures, and many existing agricultural dispersants are deemed very bio-accumulative and persistent in the environment by regulatory bodies.

To address this challenge, specialty chemical manufacturer Nouryon developed a biodegradable dispersant for aqueous crop-protection formulations. Introduced in June 2020, Agrilan® 1015, also known as alkoxylated phosphate ester, can be used in water-based crop protection and seed-treatment formulations to enhance their sustainability profiles. 


Regulations play an important role in formulation design and available technologies in the crop protection market, and Nouryon’s Agrilan® 1015 meets or exceeds regulatory scrutiny. Agrilan® 1015 is a liquid dispersant, with a range of sustainability benefits, including biodegradability, low aquatic toxicity and non-persistence in the environment. In addition, it does not contain classified ingredients, is a non-endocrine disruptor and is suitable for low-water systems.

Since mid-2020, Agrilan® 1015 has been produced and is available in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the Middle East, making it regionally accessible for farmers around the world that are demanding more sustainable dispersant solutions for their agricultural formulations.

Agrilan® containing products can help the farming community feed a growing global population and address several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including good health and well-being and sustainable consumption and production. 

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