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Beyond Plastics Report Ignores Critical Role Plastics Play in Creating a Lower Carbon Future and More Circular Economy

Plastics contribute to a more sustainable world

Matthew Kastner

WASHINGTON (October 21, 2021) – In response to a recent report from Beyond Plastics, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement which may be attributed to Joshua Baca, vice president of plastics:

“The Beyond Plastics report fails to recognize the many environmental benefits plastics provide that move society toward a lower carbon future and a more circular economy.

“Like other manufacturing processes, plastics manufacturing does emit greenhouse gases (GHG). However, many of the products plastics enable, such as lighter vehicles, wind turbine blades, and foam insulation, help reduce GHG emissions by saving energy or creating renewable energy. Moreover, plastic packaging generally requires less material to perform the same function and is lighter to transport compared to alternatives such as glass, metal, and paper. Plastics can ultimately result in a net savings of GHG emissions over their lifecycles compared to the use of many alternatives.

“The report also neglects the importance of advanced recycling to creating a more circular economy. Advanced recycling technologies are manufacturing processes that can create new products from used plastics without burning or incineration. The advanced recycling sector is gaining momentum at an accelerating pace, with major consumer brands announcing new partnerships to use plastic packaging made from these technologies.

“Everyone has a right to clean air and water. All of ACC’s member companies are subject to the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations and permitting requirements, and implement Responsible Care®, the chemical industry’s environment, health, safety and security initiative that helps demonstrate our members commitment to the health and safety of their employees, the communities in which they operate and the environment as a whole. Additionally, America’s plastic makers are asking Congress to take 5 Actions for Sustainable Change that will help address the issue of plastic in the environment as well as foster a lower carbon future and a more circular economy.”

American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council’s mission is to advocate for the people, policy, and products of chemistry that make the United States the global leader in innovation and manufacturing. To achieve this, we: Champion science-based policy solutions across all levels of government; Drive continuous performance improvement to protect employees and communities through Responsible Care®; Foster the development of sustainability practices throughout ACC member companies; and Communicate authentically with communities about challenges and solutions for a safer, healthier and more sustainable way of life. Our vision is a world made better by chemistry, where people live happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives, safely and sustainably—for generations to come.

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