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ACC: Bloomberg’s $85 Million Losing Bet Against Chemistry

Sarah Scruggs Brandt

WASHINGTON (September 21, 2022) — American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO, Chris Jahn, released the following statement in response to former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s $85 million campaign against the expansion of U.S. chemicals and plastics industries due to unfounded environmental concerns:

“Everyone has a fundamental human right to clean air and water and access to energy sources that will help create a cleaner, healthier, and safer future. With more than 135,000 workers across Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio, ACC member company employees are also community members. They live on the same land, breathe the same air, and drink the same water—and they’re committed to helping to protect it for their families and fellow neighbors.

“Members of the chemistry industry do not throw stones—we create solutions. As the science behind sustainability, chemistry is the single most important element to transitioning to renewable energy and combating climate change. Nothing the environmental community wishes to achieve on climate can be accomplished without chemistry. From lithium-ion batteries to solar cells and wind turbines, to energy-efficient insulation and windows, to lightweight materials for fuel efficient cars and automobiles, chemistry—and the facilities that produce chemistry—are guiding the way forward. And even as demand for chemistry products has increased, we reduced the GHG intensity of our operations by 10 percent between 2017 and 2020.

“ACC members will continue to welcome the opportunity to partner with governments and the activist community on our journey to becoming even better corporate stewards. Regretfully, characterizing industry in a negative light has proven too lucrative of a fundraising strategy for some activists, while others recognize immense value of partnership, hard work, and collaboration. We encourage the NGO community to put fundraising rhetoric aside and join us in maximizing chemistry’s potential to solve the world’s sustainability challenges while continuing to safeguard the communities where we live, work, and play.”

American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council’s mission is to advocate for the people, policy, and products of chemistry that make the United States the global leader in innovation and manufacturing. To achieve this, we: Champion science-based policy solutions across all levels of government; Drive continuous performance improvement to protect employees and communities through Responsible Care®; Foster the development of sustainability practices throughout ACC member companies; and Communicate authentically with communities about challenges and solutions for a safer, healthier and more sustainable way of life. Our vision is a world made better by chemistry, where people live happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives, safely and sustainably—for generations to come.

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