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Lori J. Ryerkerk of Celanese to Become New ACC Officer

Sarah Scruggs Brandt

SEA ISLAND, GA (November 3, 2023) — The American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced today at its board of directors meeting that Lori J. Ryerkerk, Chairman, CEO and President of Celanese Corporation, will become the Council’s newest board officer, with a term beginning on January 1, 2024. Ryerkerk currently chairs the ACC Board Chemical Management Committee.

“Lori is a capable leader and one of the best technical experts in the industry, bar none,” said ACC President and CEO, Chris Jahn. “Under Lori’s leadership, Celanese is playing an important role in demonstrating the essential connection between chemistry and sustainability—and the impact that federal chemical regulations can have in either accelerating or derailing sustainability progress. I look forward to working with Lori and her team to continue to drive home the message that American success relies on American chemistry.”

“It’s an honor to take on this additional responsibility to advocate for the people, policies, and products of chemistry,” said Ryerkerk. “Celanese values the partnerships and shared vision that ACC helps make possible for our industry, including our collective approach to combating regulatory overreach through ACC’s Chemistry Creates, America Competes initiative. U.S chemical manufacturers are critical to achieving our shared goals of growing our domestic manufacturing base, strengthening our supply chains, and leading the world to a sustainable future through our unparalleled ingenuity. I look forward to working more closely with lawmakers and the EPA to share industry’s story while also calling for regulations that are driven by science and independent, transparent peer review.”

“I’m confident that Lori will help take our advocacy on TSCA implementation and improving EPA’s chemical risk assessments to the next level,” said Karen McKee, president of ExxonMobil Product Solutions and outgoing chairman of the ACC Board of Directors. “With Lori’s wealth of experience and knowledge of our industry, ACC is well-prepared to continue to make progress as Lori joins the officer’s rotation.”

Following formal approval by the board of directors, Ryerkerk will first assume the role of Vice Chairman of the Board and chair of the Council’s Board Finance, Audit and Membership Committee. She’ll serve in this capacity for one year, followed by a one-year term each as Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Board.

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