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ACC Statement on CIEL “Plastics Litigation Guide”

Matthew Kastner

WASHINGTON (June 26, 2024) — Today the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) released a report on plastics. The following may be attributed to Ross Eisenberg, president of America’s Plastic Makers®:

“CIEL’s report encouraging legal action against the plastics industry is a disappointing and misdirected distraction from the significant research and investments in product design, collection and recycling infrastructure plastic makers are making to help prevent plastic pollution.

“Today’s plastic makers are made up of problem-solvers, engineers and environmentalists seeking to create a more sustainable future. We are leveraging innovation so more used plastics become new plastics. This takes an all-the-above approach looking at the entire lifecycle of a plastic product. It begins at the design phase so a product can be reused or is compatible with the recycling stream, and often ends with AI-equipped sortation devices that can capture more used plastics to make new plastics. More still needs to be done, but through elements including infrastructure investment, R&D, stakeholder support, and effective policy, we can make this a challenge of the past and retain the essential benefits plastics provide modern society. 

“Unfortunately, some organizations prefer to ignore the environmental benefits of plastics and instead levy decades-old assertions and mischaracterizations to attack needed technologies that complement mechanical recycling, help manage more used plastics, and supply more recycled plastic to use in new products. Regardless, we will continue to create products that make our vehicles safer and more efficient, enable renewable energy, preserve our food, and underpin modern healthcare.” 

American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division

The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division represents America’s Plastic MakersSM and the half million+ scientists, engineers, technicians, and other innovators who make plastics for many essential and lifesaving products that are vital to modern life. America’s Plastic Makers continue to embrace change. We’re linking innovation with sustainability, deploying next generation technologies to make plastics lighter, stronger, more efficient and more recyclable, so we can meet our goal for 100% of U.S. plastic packaging to be reused, recycled, or recovered by 2040. We’re making sustainable change to help build a cleaner, safer, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council’s mission is to advocate for the people, policy, and products of chemistry that make the United States the global leader in innovation and manufacturing. To achieve this, we: Champion science-based policy solutions across all levels of government; Drive continuous performance improvement to protect employees and communities through Responsible Care®; Foster the development of sustainability practices throughout ACC member companies; and Communicate authentically with communities about challenges and solutions for a safer, healthier and more sustainable way of life. Our vision is a world made better by chemistry, where people live happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives, safely and sustainably—for generations to come.