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GlobalChem Conference Registration Open

GlobalChem 2024 to Explore Pathways to Support Chemical Innovation Through Increased Regulatory Clarity

Telly Lovelace

WASHINGTON (February 2, 2024) – Registration is open for the 37th Annual Global Chemical Regulations Conference and Exhibition (GlobalChem). GlobalChem 2024 will take place from Monday, March 25 through Wednesday, March 27, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C.

GlobalChem is the industry's premier conference on chemicals management and regulatory policy. Presented by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), GlobalChem is an annual meeting of chemical industry professionals discussing recent trends, insights and developments in domestic and global chemicals management policy, including the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) continued implementation of the 2016 amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). GlobalChem attendees will have the opportunity to meet, connect, or reconnect with leaders and experts in chemical regulation from industry peers to key government agency representatives.

“GlobalChem assembles leading experts from across industry and government to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing chemical manufacturers,” said ACC President & CEO Chris Jahn. “Despite the rising regulatory burden on our industry, we are one of the world’s most essential industries, and the United States is one of the best places to manufacture chemicals and plastics globally – but keeping it that way depends on our industry and other stakeholders working together. This year’s GlobalChem will provide the regulated community the opportunity to share insights and developments on policies that keep the U.S. competitive and maintain modern, more sustainable standards of living. I look forward to welcoming our members, industry professionals, government officials and stakeholders to the 37th annual GlobalChem Conference and Exhibition.”

The 2024 agenda includes presentations and sessions on EPA’s approach to TSCA Prioritization; TSCA Risk Evaluation Framework Rule; TSCA Risk Management Rules Under Section 6; Updates on the TSCA New Chemicals Programs; New Approach Methods (NAMs); Occupational Exposure; CEPA Reform; the regulatory updates on Latin America, India, Europe and much more. The theme for this year’s GlobalChem Conference is “Enabling Chemical Innovation by Strengthening Regulatory Clarity.”

There will be an optional workshop day on Monday, March 25 for attendees to explore the fundamentals of TSCA, including:

  • Premanufacture Notice (PMN) Submissions
  • Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)
  • TSCA Section 8 Reporting
  • TSCA Section 12 Exporting Requirements
  • Coalition Building: Prioritization and Beyond
  • Confidential Business Information (CBI)
  • Central Data Exchange (CDX) Optimization

Beveridge & Diamond PC is the principal sponsor of the 2024 GlobalChem Conference and Enhesa is the media sponsor.

To learn more about the conference agenda and to register, please visit the GlobalChem website. All members of the media are invited to request credentials by registering here.

For a deeper dive into TSCA and chemicals management policies, please visit ACC’s TSCA webpage.

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