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The Hydrocarbon Solvents Industry Group was established to address health, safety, occupational, and environmental issues pertaining to modern hydrocarbon solvents. The Industry Group sponsors and supports scientific research, addresses regulatory issues, and works to ensure that solvents continue to be recognized as important components in a wide range of commercial products and applications, such as coating formulations, adhesives, dry cleaning, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

The Industry Group has undertaken numerous projects, including developing a training guidance manual for determining safe occupational exposure levels (i.e. reciprocal calculation procedure, or RCP); developing a guidance manual for the safe use and handling of flammable and oxygenated hydrocarbon solvents in industrial settings; and, sponsoring and publishing studies characterizing the effects reported with hydrocarbon solvents. The Panel also has worked extensively with OECD members on the nomenclature and characterization of hydrocarbon solvents

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The Hydrocarbon Solvents Panel supports scientific research, participates in global regulatory activities pertaining to hydrocarbon solvents, and works to ensure that solvents continue to be recognized as important components of a wide range of products.

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