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Advancing Rail Safety Requires a Team Effort

Scott Jensen
Of all hazmat moved by rail reaches its destination without a release caused by a train accident.

Experience has shown that promoting safety requires a strong team effort. President Biden’s visit to East Palestine, OH and the announcement from the National Transportation Safety Board regarding its final report on the February 3, 2023 derailment demonstrates that everyone has an important role when it comes to advancing rail safety.

Connected By Chemistry

Just about every aspect of our daily lives depends on chemistry and every corner of the economy – from farms to factories – depends on chemical shipments. Chemicals, including some that are classified as hazardous materials, are essential for growing food, protecting the safety of our water and food supply, making life-saving medicines and equipment, and producing energy.

The chemical industry depends on freight rail to make sure these essential materials get where they are needed without incident. Freight railroads moved 2.3 million carloads of plastics and chemical products in 2022 – making our industry one of the largest shippers by rail. Which is why our member companies work closely with railroads, policymakers and communities to prevent derailments, avoid releases, and support emergency response.

Team Effort

As railroads continue their work to prevent derailments, chemical shippers continue to make significant progress to upgrade rail tank cars to the latest design standards. And we provide resources and training to emergency responders across the country through programs such as TRANSACER® and the CHEMTREC® HELP Award program.  

Moving Forward

Shippers and rail carriers along with the federal government can build on existing efforts and partnerships to prevent rail accidents, protect communities, and deliver vital products to where they are needed.

ACC and its member companies are committed to working with policymakers and our transportation partners to apply the lessons from the East Palestine derailment so vital chemistries can be delivered without incident.


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