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Mississippi Passes Law to Support Advanced Recycling, Job Growth, and Sustainability

Matthew Kastner

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 14, 2022) — On Friday, Mississippi’s Governor Tate Reeves signed H.B. 1135 into law, helping to increase plastics recycling and create new economic opportunities in the state.

The law was passed unanimously in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, making Mississippi the 16th state to enact legislation that appropriately regulates advanced plastics recycling technologies as manufacturing operations, not solid waste disposal.

“Mississippi joins a growing group of states that have passed legislation to encourage the rapid growth of advanced plastics recycling,” said Joshua Baca, vice president of plastics at the American Chemistry Council (ACC). “Republicans and Democrats alike are recognizing the multiple benefits advanced recycling can bring to their states: more plastics recycled, new manufacturing jobs, and reduced dependence on fossil raw materials. We’re delighted to see growing bipartisan action helping to create a circular economy for plastics.”

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA), the leading voice of manufacturers in Mississippi, was a keystone supporter of H.B. 1135. “This legislation was a priority issue for MMA as it creates a path for these innovative technologies to locate to Mississippi,” said MMA President & CEO John McKay. “Achieving the goal of increased recycling, helping to build a more sustainable economy, all while promoting investment in our State, is something to strive for that will benefit all Mississippians.”

Advanced recycling encompasses various manufacturing processes that convert used plastics into high-quality materials for new plastics. These innovative technologies can process more types of plastics compared to traditional recycling. Even plastics with food residue that cannot be mechanically recycled can be converted into new plastics for use in food, pharmaceutical, and medical applications. A 2021 report by Closed Loop Partners, a New York-based investment firm, estimates advanced recycling could double the plastic packaging recycling rate by 2030.

ACC applauds Governor Reeves and the Mississippi state legislature for taking action to create economic opportunities and promote sustainability, and we look forward to continued momentum to bolster recycling in the state.

American Chemistry Council

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