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Considerations for refining the risk assessment process for formaldehyde: Results from an interdisciplinary workshop.

Authors: Andersen, Melvin E., P. Robinan Gentry, James A. Swenberg, Kenneth A. Mundt, Kimberly W. White, Chad Thompson, James Bus et al.

The paper summarizes a 2017 workshop held in order to identify relevant approaches and methods for improving how evidence is identified and integrated for formaldehyde risk assessment. The meeting included eleven presentations encompassing an introduction and three sessions: (1) "integrating the formaldehyde science on nasal/nasopharyngeal carcinogenicity and potential for causality"; (2) "integrating the formaldehyde science on lymphohematopoietic cancer and potential for causality; and, (3) "formaldehyde research-data suitable for risk assessment". Here we describe key points from the presentations on epidemiology, toxicology and mechanistic studies that should inform decisions about the potential carcinogenicity of formaldehyde in humans and the discussions about approaches for structuring an integrated, comprehensive risk assessment for formaldehyde.

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