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We are committed to your well-being. From bike helmets to battlefield technologies, the products of chemistry continue to make the world a safer place. At the same time, it is imperative that chemicals are used both safely and responsibly. The ACC and its members invest heavily in testing programs to improve their understanding of the science behind chemical product safety.

In addition to contributing to safeguards around food, products, transportation and handling of chemicals, we also support efforts to modernize the federal system for regulating chemicals, so you can have confidence that your family and the environment are protected.

Consumer & Product Safety

Chemistry. Its widespread use to create innovative new products is one of the hallmarks of our modern age.

Safety and Security

We commend the Working Group on their progress and for working with stakeholders to improve federal efforts to help safeguard chemical facilities.

Rail Safety

ACC and its members are committed to the safe transportation of chemicals. Our members have devoted significant resources toward emergency response training and tank car safety.


News & Resources

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